As a musician or influencer, one of your most important responsibilities is to ensure that your income stream is secure and accurate – tracking the royalties that are due to you and ensuring you get paid fairly. That’s where a partnership with My Proxy can help.

My Proxy is a digital platform that helps you keep track of your royalties, giving you up-to-date, accurate information on each transaction. As a musician or influencer working with My Proxy, you can see precisely what royalties for each song, project, or performance are being collected and when you will get paid. This eliminates the worry of not getting paid for your hard work and ensures you get your fair share of royalties.

My Proxy also makes the process of collecting royalties easier and more efficient. From royalty statements to tracking music streaming services, My Proxy provides the necessary tools for musicians and influencers to understand and keep tabs on their income stream. And if any discrepancies arise, My Proxy provides you with the best support in the industry to ensure that you get the required compensation.

In short, with My Proxy, musicians, and influencers receive real-time insights that capture their income streams and put their earnings where they should be. So partnering with My Proxy is essential for any professional musician or influencer looking to rest assured knowing their royalties are accurately tracked and that they are getting paid what they’re worth.

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