As an artist in today’s digital landscape, you must have a solid online presence and protect the creative works you produce.  This is where My Proxy comes in.  My Proxy is an organization that specializes in preserving an artist’s intellectual property rights online.  We offer various services, including copyright registration and enforcement, legal advice and consultation, digital asset management, commercial transaction structuring, and licensing.  Most of today’s Indie artists that use streaming services to get their music out to the World are only getting “Artist Rights” and payouts while missing out on the “Song Writer Rights” and royalties.  

A partnership with My Proxy is essential for any musician looking to secure their future and protect their work.  As the digital landscape continues to evolve, it is becoming increasingly important for artists to ensure their music is appropriately licensed and distributed.  My Proxy protects artists’ music from being stolen or used without their permission, ensuring that the artist receives the compensation they deserve for their creative efforts.

In addition to protecting the music itself, My Proxy helps artists monetize their pieces by offering a range of distribution services.  By working with My Proxy, artists can tap into an expansive network of digital platforms to ensure that their music reaches its intended audience.  My Proxy can also provide access to exclusive partnerships with streaming services, music labels, and other industry stakeholders.  Working with My Proxy can also ensure that the artist receives a fair royalty rate for their work.

My Proxy can also provide artists with comprehensive legal services and advice, including assistance with contract reviews, dispute management, and copyright litigation.  This can give the musicians the peace of mind that their rights are being protected and that they receive everything they are entitled to in any contract or agreement they enter into.

In short, musicians need to partner with My Proxy to protect their intellectual property rights and ensure their future success.  With My Proxy, artists can preserve music, access various distribution services, and receive comprehensive legal advice and assistance.  By taking control of their online presence and career, artists can ensure that their creative works are appropriately valued and compensated.  

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