The Radio is Dead!

Why would I want My Proxy VIP as my choice for representation?

My Proxy VIP is a platform that connects musicians with online influencers to build an audience. Online influencers have a massive audience reach and a more targeted demographic that allows My Proxy VIP outreach to so aggressive and effective in the industry. We match musicians with influencers with a similar following and create custom content shared on the influencer’s channels. This helps musicians reach a wider audience and build their fan base with massive growth in a shorter period while helping the influencers overcome copyright infringement challenges allowing them to monetize their content. Our team will also get your work published and licensed with the top distributors making sure you are getting paid not just for artist rights, but also for songwriter rights which a lot of today’s music streaming services are not paying the artists when they should be, but don’t worry, we will fix that and get you paid!

The Market

The market for music is large and growing. The global music industry is worth over $20 billion, and it is expected to grow by 5% per year. The online influencer market is also growing rapidly. There are now over 1 billion influencers on social media, and they have a combined following of over 3 billion people.

This is a Partnership

You get to focus on creating high-quality, unique content that will engage your audience and get them interested in your work. We will handle all the administrative details, such as getting paid for your work, publishing, copyright protection, finding sponsors and advertisers, boosting your visibility through social media and other marketing efforts, and helping you capitalize on potential opportunities in the marketplace.


My Proxy Services


There are many factors to consider, such as your goals, your audience, and your resources. However, if you are considering monetizing, there are a number of effective strategies that you can use.


If you are serious about making a career in music, then hiring a music publisher can be a great way to get your music heard and generate revenue.  This is where My Proxy VIP service benefit you.  


Royalties tracking is the process of tracking the payments that are made to copyright holders for the use of their work. This can be done for a variety of works, including music and song writing.

Featured Influencer Schuyler Reeves

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